Large capacity oven

Four à sole grand capacité
Four à sole grand capacité Four à sole grand capacité Four à sole grand capacité
Four à sole grand capacité

Deck oven for bakeries, baking on refractory stones
Regularity of cooking for optimal performance.


Capacity : Modular. Construction according to your needs.


● Control panel on right or left side according to your local
● Electromechanical controls for best reliability
● Extractor included
● Possibility of GTC
● Energy saver included connection


● All stainless steel construction, baking chamber and panels in stainless steel 15/10
● Refractory bricks allowing heat accumulation and important energy saving

● All our ovens are made in our factory
● Electrical equipment of high quality
● White wool insulation having high insulation and high resistance over time
● Oura mechanical
● Front and sides panels in brushed stainless steel
● Heating elements austenitic stainless steel shielded - Diameter 10 mm
● Halogen lighting
● Refractory tile on crown and sole
● Delayed light system


● Water arrival ½’’
● Cold water pressure 1 bar
● 3 phases connecting 380V T+N
● Hood diameter : 200 mm
● Drains : diameter for the steam generators overflow : 3/8’’
● Steam condensation diameter : 1/2’’
● Regulators set in PID mode (Calculation of inertia temperature stable and precise).
Incorporate digital timer with an end of cooking alarm.
● Terminal block model for change by a non-technical user.


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