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ARIA BOULANGERIE: Solutions for the transfer of loads in bakeries

Aria offers to entrepreneurs and industrialists simple solutions, custom orders, and inexpensive storage, transferring and weighing powders and meal + a wide range of forklifts/loaders.


logo hengelHENGEL: Freezing, Storage, Controlled Fermentation, and Scoring Bins

Specialists in freezer equipment, storage, and controlled fermentation, Hengel works with bakeries and pastry shops.


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ivision, Resting, Moulding, Scoring

Since 1954, MÉRAND Mécapâte, specializing in dough processing, has been designing and manufacturing machines that are modern, upgradeable, and are functional and easy to clean. And now, nearly 50 years later, bakers are gaining in efficiency whilst respecting the dough making process and their profession. At all stages in the process, they can be sure to produce real, quality bread.


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SOREMA: Cooling Specialist

SOREMA, specializing in process cooling, designs and produces a range of water chillers, water dispensers, biomedical refrigerated cabinets, and environmental conditioning chambers. Cooling water to +1°C for food use, accumulating ice for a process, cooling various exchangers and machines, recycling and saving water: the sole purpose of these operations is temperature control. Sorema studies the cooling.

division, resting, moulding, scoring

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