Special Models

Special ovens: Merchant Navy and offshore

four guyon pn Marine big

For over 150 years, the transmission of Guyon savoir-faire can also design and manufacture custom-made ovens. Whether the Navy to meet demanding technical needs or non-standard dimensions, Guyon fits all applications.



Guyon designs and manufactures furnaces for:

- Navy,

- The Merchant Navy,

- Offshore,


- The Central Directorate of Naval Artillery (DCAN). 

Porte avion équipé de four Guyon

Depuis plus de 150 ans, la transmission du savoir-faire Guyon permet aussi de concevoir et de fabriquer des fours sur-mesure. Que ce soit pour la Marine, pour répondre à des besoins techniques exigeants, à des dimensions hors-normes ou à l’esthétique d’une salle de restaurant, Guyon s’adapte à toutes les demandes. 
Guyon conçoit et fabrique des fours pour : – la Marine Nationale, – la Marine marchande, – l’offshore, – la Direction Centrale de l’Artillerie Navale (DCAN) 

Special mobile ovens: Container, van, trailer

camionGuyon meets the requirement of the technical needs of its customers with tailor-made ovens. Different oven models can be adapted to all types of vehicles according to your needs ...


Special custom ovens: All special adaptations

Double door ovens to follow health standards.
For example, dual access and store laboratory.

BVT170E double porteBVT170E double porteBVT170E double porte

Special stylized ovens: Front bricked / Painting / Granite

guyon four colonne noir et or

Briquetted facades to allow the former to enhance the size of traditional bakeries.
Black paint and copper can integrate an oven Guyon in the middle of the room a pizzeria.

guyon four briques

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